CANIT Management Ltd.

CANIT stands for Configuration, Asset, Network, Information (and) Traffic.

Audit and Due Diligence

Developed as part of our full VMIS suite, and based on our experience in the audit arena, we are pleased to offer a facility that both expedites input and enhances the accuracy of audits for all elements of ICT.

Information being stored and reported via existing asset management or network management systems, including bespoke spreadsheets and databases, can be loaded into the system to assist in the speedy updating and recording of accurate data. In addition, through the incorporation of your telecomms billing information you are able to include, if required, full details of your WAN, LAN, and Internet connectivity.

Due to the flexibility of the system it is also ideally suited for due diligence processes prior to facilities management and outsourcing agreements, and/or following acquisitions and mergers.

Built on an industry standard database it intuitively enables speedy input of information concerning IT and Telecomms hardware, it's configuration, software build, geographical and physical location.

This facility has already been used on behalf of two of the UK's largest and best known firms and by a major UK based consultancy practice in their own audit work for clients.

If independence of audit or due diligence is required we are available to undertake a full consultancy service resulting in either a full written report or an on-going method of continuous updating and accurate, up to the minute reporting.

Benefits to clients are all those that come from undertaking a full audit of their ICT estate and typically include:

  • Savings in Capital Expenditure
  • Reductions in Operational Expenditure
  • The ability for Executives and Managers to manage their assets from a better point of understanding
  • Improved decision making and configuration


DEC, 2013

Following the highly succesful migration of over half the business infrastructure assets we have been engaged to investigate and relocate the remainder.

JAN, 2012

Contracted to manage the relocation of over 100 servers from a datacentre in Holland to the main datacentre in Germany. Users are already seeing the improvement in service and substantial on-going savings have been identified.