Consolidation and Migration

Since 2007 CANIT personnel have been extensively involved in some of Europe's largest data centre consolidations and migrations.

The migration of the network management elements of the world's largest mobile telephone company from old data centres in the UK to ones in Ireland, Germany, and a new UK based one. In some cases this involved O/S and software upgrades.

For 3 years we have migrated varied systems covering, amongst others, those controlling financial (billing and trading) and safety critical processes, for a major European utility company. This has involved the move to one of Europe's highest certificated datacentre from subsidiary companies based in the UK, Czech Republic, and Holland.

Technologies involved have covered AIX, Linux, Windows, Oracle, MS-SQL and have used Virtual to Virtual, Physical to Virtual, Physical to Physical, and Lift & Shift migration approaches. In addition, there have been major upgrades of O/S and Database versions, to ensure future proofing, which have in some cases required application upgrades that have involved liaison with software vendors and other 3rd parties from many european countries.

We have also been the company of choice to provide interim Programme Management and consultancy for a major European insurance company in the migration of systems from a recently acquired UK company to their data centre in Germany.

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