Revenue Recovery

CANIT have developed a service that allows mobile telephone operators to recover some of their lost revenue.  This is based on the cessation of non-delivered calls and on our in-depth understanding of all areas concerning the operator's networks; physical design,  contractual obligations, and our ability to work with other providers

Although we only aim to recover 4% of non-completed calls this will give a typical operator a recovery of 30M Sterling per annum with no additional expenditure on network assets.

What we offer:

  • Proven system - already in operation
    • Processes
    • Expertise
    • Negotiation
    • Integration
  • Unique Provider
  • Maximising utilisation
  • Proven recovery of upto 13M calls per month - no increase in network costs

We can normally be in a position to start making these recoveries within 12 weeks from contract confirmation and will completely manage the service and/or train their employees to run it.

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