Telephony Bill Reconciliation

Most of the major telecomms suppliers now have methods of supplying their billing information in electronic format normally by downloading from their site or by provision of a CD-ROM. Some of these suppliers also give a basic tool set to enable you to analyse the bill. However, they do not all have the same set of features, with some merely allowing you to print the information in various layouts and by pre-set rules.

For most small businesses this is probably sufficient - until they discover a potential issue. The issue is normally highlighted when a periodic bill is vastly different from its predecessor(s) and it's resolution involves the manual checking of all details. This can involve so much effort that most companies find it cheaper to pay the bill than to cover the costs of its resolution. Unfortunately, if not resolved early on, the issue quickly becomes the norm and is therefore accepted on future bills.

Companies with more than one supplier have even more likelihood of issues going unresolved as there will likely be a need to have different procedures for the different suppliers.

This is where we will help you.

For single supplier issues we will quickly compare two or three consecutive bills to understand the status quo and to highlight trends from which we will identify all changes that could be creating the issue(s).

The savings generated by our approach are based on rationalisations of your existing assets and structure. Once these have been completed we can offer a review of the tariffs you are currently being charged. This review normally highlights methods of further reducing your on-going costs.

All findings from the review can be delivered in a printed report or in an electronic presentation. The second option is normally employed by those managers with a requirement to further brief senior executives. Both reporting formats will be produced and supplied with a full breakdown of the underlying data.

Benefits to clients are not only in the immediate savings generated but, by using the system in an on-going capacity, in saving time and effort in regular billing reconciliation. In addition, the system allows accurate monitoring of those elements added or deleted month on month or year on year and can produce all the data necessary for budget predictions.

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