CANIT stands for Configuration, Asset, Network, Information (and) Traffic.

We aim to increase your bottom line - either by making savings or increasing revenue.

We are even prepared to work for a percentage of earnings/savings.



The company was formed to take our skills along with the VMIS services to a wider audience.
We specialise in methods of finding savings and generating income, in a low cost and low effort way, for our customers.

Formed in 2002 we have completed work for some of Europe's largest companies in the areas of Banking, Insurance, Mobile Telecommunications, Fixed Telecommunications, Local Government, Central Government, and Utilities.

Due to our experience and knowledge of infrastructure and networking we have also successfully completed project management work involving datacentre consolidations and migrations across international boundaries

All our personnel have a wealth of experience in their chosen expertise with a multi-industry knowledge of best practice in several business verticals. In addition, all personnel have proven team membership and leadership skills and we actively pursue as many opportunities as we can to socialise with our clients.

Personnel from Germany and Holland celebrating the closure of DC Landgraaf

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