CANIT stands for Configuration, Asset, Network, Information (and) Traffic.

We aim to increase your bottom line - either by making savings or increasing revenue.

We are even prepared to work for a percentage of earnings/savings.


About Us

The company was formed to take our skills along with the VMIS services to a wider audience.

We specialise in methods of saving and generating income in a low cost and low effort way for our customers.

In addition, we have experience of managing major projects in Finance (Banking and Insurance), Utilities (European and UK), Telecomms (Fixed and Mobile), Local and Central Government.


Consolidation and Migration

Solid experience of data centre consolidation and migration projects across Europe

Revenue Recovery

A fully managed service that works on a recovery sharing basis - the more we save the more our clients, and we, earn. This proven service offers telecomms providers the opportunity to recover otherwise lost revenue to the value of circa 30M Sterling per annum.

Asset Audit & Due Diligence

An initial document review which is transformed into a pictorial view of the assets, their location and all associated data. This immediately highlights information gaps and promotes an understanding of the IT/Network estate showing possible redundant or over specified assets. Can also be produced as a standard report.

Quarterly Bill Management

Detailed review and analysis of your telecom bills every quarter which provides savings, refunds, and recoveries which reflect on your bottom line almost immediately. We invoice your company a percentage of the refund and recovery. Clients have an optional billing method, fee based on a small percentage of their annual telecom spend. In many cases clients realise their savings, refunds and recoveries before they pay us.


A wide range of consultancy, for a diverse client base, has proven our ability to provide value-add in all areas of IT and Telecomms.

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