CANIT stands for Configuration, Asset, Network, Information (and) Traffic.

We aim to increase your bottom line - either by making savings or increasing revenue.

We are even prepared to work for a percentage of earnings/savings.



Cost Savings, Consultancy and Project Management in IT and network environments

Specialising in financial savings and additional revenue generation we were formed in 2002 to bring our skills, experience and in-house developed tool sets to the market. We have completed work for some of Europe's largest companies in the areas of Banking, Insurance, Mobile Telecommunications, Fixed Telecommunications, Local Government, Central Government, and Utilities.


The Basics

Aahh - the 80's

Estate Knowledge

If you are going to undertake any type of major move or upgrade to your IT and Network Infrastructure you should ensure that you have fully documented all the elements in play, and also those that they work with or link to. This should include all software elements (remember to check licensing agreements) and in particular liaise with all 3rd parties who may be impacted.

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